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Born in São João de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro, on September 8, 1981, Elane Martins Rodrigues already dreamed of being a great singer of national music and took her first steps at 17, when she risked the first chords on the old guitar of her mom. 
At the age of 18, he discovered the gift of composing and began to transform his life experiences into songs that travel through his autobiography.
With a little more experience, the shy and music-loving girl began her career in 2003, performing on stage at Rio night with the stage name Lanna Rodrigues, the way her mother always called her since childhood.
His first great experience in music took place in 2005 when he performed for an audience of 20,000 people at a rodeo, having the honor of sharing the stage with the band “Os Paralamas do Sucesso”.
In 2007, the young woman started to take lyrical singing and popular guitar classes at the Villa Lobos Music School, in addition to graduating in administration.
In 2008, Lanna Rodrigues released her first CD entitled “Marcas do Passado”, an authorial album with 13 tracks, which earned her a vast tour of shows throughout Brazil.

with more than 15  years of career, the singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, already carried a lot of baggage in her musical trajectory of 05 albums released, being 01 DVD and 04 CDs. The DVD As Novas Brasileiras Divas of 2007, recorded live at CCSP – Centro Cultural São Paulo, the CD Marcas do Passado released in 2008, the CD Coletânea Nuth Lounge Brazilian Music Experience of 2009, released in the USA by the label Water Music Records, in In 2010, the song Folhas ao Vento, written by him, enters the CD Festcar, Festival da Canção de Araucária, released in Curitiba by the Municipal Secretary of Culture of Araucária – PR.

the carioca diva

In 2011, the song De Vez em Noites, written by him, was included in the compilation CD News From Brazil Volume I, with simultaneous release in Brazil and the USA by the record company Sonarts.  

Lanna's seriousness and dedication always made her reach higher and higher flights, and the recognition of her work gave her the opportunity to share the stage with great MPB artists such as Leoni, Jerry Adriani, Isabella Tavini, Sandra de Sá, Os Paralamas do Sucesso, Vander Lee, Rosanah, Guilherme Arantes, among others. 
As a songwriter, she has partnerships with singer Jerry Adriani, Luka, Gabriel Sater, Da Ghama, Beto Galvão, Helena Elis, Manu Santos, Junior Parente and João Pinheiro.
In 2016, Lanna participates in the 6th season of the Reality Show The Voice Brasil and joins the team of Lulu Santos. In the midst of all the repercussions brought by the program, the artist interrupts her career to take care of her husband and manager, Jefferson Luis, who falls ill due to leukemia.
In June 2017, Jefferson passed away and Lanna leaves her career completely to live a year of mourning. The artist isolates herself and puts all her emptiness on paper and turns it into songs.
In 2018, the song “Outra Vez” by Lanna Rodrigues in partnership with Beto Galvão, is selected to be part of the soundtrack of the soap opera “O Sétimo Guardião” on Rede Globo, by director Rogério Gomes. Since then, the artist has resumed her career and returns to the stage with performances based on experiences from her long work.


Her repertoire is filled with new compositions and partnerships that show a more mature phase of the singer, who continues to perform with precision her music already known by her audience that she has been forming throughout her career. 

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Singer and Composer...

Lanna Rodrigues is a composer and instrumentalist. It has 5 albums released and has already toured Brazil with 100% copyright shows.  


The beautiful artist from Rio shared the stage with artists such as: "Os Paralamas do Sucesso", "Guilherme Arantes", "Vander Lee", "Mumuzinho", among others...


Lanna  Rodrigues participated in the 5th season of the reality show "The Voice Brasil"  and put his authorial success "Outra Vez" in the 9 pm telenovela on Rede Globo as the theme of Bruno Gagliasso and Yana Lavigne ...

Lanna Rodrigues
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